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It’s for Analysts, Managers and People who are in decision-making processes, to help them better understand their work and businesses. 

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Asylum Seekers Dashboard

Have you ever wondered how many refugees applied for asylum in Poland between 2000 and 2017? Which country received the most and the fewest asylum applications? How many asylum applications have

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Dashboard for Movie Producer

You are a movie producer and would like to know what kind of movie you should invest in and what people should you hire in order to increase the chances for making a successful movie? Probably

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Own Pension Plan?

How long you need to save money for your own pension plan? How many years you can cover your expenses? What amount should you collect to get a quicker retirement? Use our dynamic dashboard

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How Does Business Intelligence Help In Decision-Making Process?

Making business decisions is not an easy process but it’s much easier when you use dedicated tools that provide key information about your company. Let’s check the most important

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Age Pyramid Prediction In Poland

What our community will look like in next 30-40 years? Who will be working for our retirement? What is the future of Polish society? Let’s try to answer those questions with some data

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Modern Dashboard

This time I’d like to share something new. Dashboard with dark background and rectangle sections for specific groups of measures. I called that “modern dashboard” because of its

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Maciej Kaniewski

Business Intelligence Architect

Luiza Kaniewska

Tableau Desktop Specialist

Business Intelligence is my work and passion. I deliver analytics, reports, visualizations and data flow automatizations for over 10 years. My favorites tools are: Tableau, Alteryx, Qlik Sense, but I also use many more in customers’ projects.

I design dashboards to help people see and understand data.
For eight years I was an architect, however I decided to change my profession to a data analysis. 
I design all projects with on eye for details and uncompromisig standards.

If you have any questions regarding BI solutions, looking for a consultant or contractor, please use “contact” section or just write directly to: maciej@dashboards.studio. I answer every mail.

Dedicated Dashboards
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